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If I died today…
There would be tweets about how good of a person I was,
You would all say how you loved me,
You would tweet about prayers to my family.
You would go to school,
They would make an announcement
And people would have a moment of silence for me,
A lot of you would attend my funeral,
You would talk about memories you shared with me….
But you know what really sucks?
More than half of you all treated me like shit,
And more than half of you all would play off like your tears are from missing me,
When actually,
They’re from how bad you treated me.
But you wouldn’t want people to know that.
It’s a shame…
You all probably don’t realise how much a person affected you everyday until they’re gone.
You didn’t realise that they actually had a purpose.
You look at their empty chair,
You have to delete their number out of your phone,
And the only thing you have left of them are
Pictures and memories.
If I were to die young,
Don’t lie and say you were my friend,
Don’t act like we were so close if we weren’t.
I appreciate the thought,
But don’t act like you all cared about me
Just to save yourself from feeling bad.
(via prettysuicidal)
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